Kunzite and Prasiolite, Sterling Silver Earrings


Natural kunzite crystal and prasiolite beads with sterling silver lever backs

Kunzite is a spiritual crystal. It releases us from the painful past traumas, eliminating fear opening our hearts to new types of love. Kunzite will activate the latent spiritual potential of human nature, bringing enlightenment and expanding the consciousness.

Kunzite with its bright and pink color is said to be ideal for lovers as it brings out unconditional love in an individual. It is also a healing stone, and hence, beneficial for those suffering from heartbreaks. It is also said to enhance an individual’s devotion to love. It works with the heart chakra, helping the wearer gain inner peace and mental stability. It helps integrate throat and third-eye energy centers, which assists to get rid of emotional baggage from the past.

Green Amethyst, Prasiolite: is an amplifier of energy. It boosts your love and care for your family and close friends. Prasiolite will assist you to express personal emotion, and it will link the energy of the heart with the crown chakra.

Prasiolite is a prosperity stone, and it will attract wealth, fortune, and abundance to your life

Prasiolite is a good healing stone because it can help cleanse the body of all kinds of toxins. It’s greatly beneficial in treating tumors, ulcers, growths, and blockages.


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